Friday, September 5, 2014

Mozart Requiem: Atlanta Mozart Choir

Kathleen Kelly-George, Choral Conductor.
Atlanta Mozart Choir
Ms. Kelly-George teaches chorus at St. Martin's Episcopal School in Atlanta, GA.  She studied conducting under Elliot DelBorgo and Brock McElheran, and voice and vocal pedagogy with Robert Holland, Lois Vaccariello, and Patricia Misslin. Kathy has sung with the ASO Chorus and ASO Chamber Chorus since 1998.  In demand as a conductor, Kathy brings her many years as a chorister plus her passion for the art of conducting to every musical, concert, and church service that she leads.  She is an avid student of conducting and can often be found researching archival footage of the great master conductors. From Broadway to Pop to Opera, Kathy includes a variety of genres when she takes the podium.

The Atlanta Mozart Choir
It should come as no surprise that The Atlanta Mozart Choir, formed for the Friday night performances of the Mozart Requiem, is comprised of members of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus, who are musical partners of the ATL Symphony Musicians.  The orchestra and chorus have performed together since 1970 and are grateful for the opportunity to perform with them now, as companions in the lockout of the orchestra by ASO Management and the Woodruff Arts Center.

Several members of this chorus have sung with the orchestra for more than 40 years, while a good number have more than 20 or 30 years’ history singing with the ASO, under the batons of Robert Shaw, Yoel Levi, Robert Spano, and Donald Runnicles. The chorus has participated in many of the recordings which received the 27 Grammy awards.  

The Atlanta Mozart Choir … members of The ASO Chorus … dedicate this performance to ending the lockout and returning world-class symphonic and choral performances to the people of Atlanta.

June Abbot
JoAnn Alexander
Sloane Atwood
Ellen Dukes
Laura Foster
Mary Goodwin
Meg Granum
Michele Griffin
Pam Griffin
Kathleen Kelly-George
Vicky Kolterman
Catherine Lykins
Mindy Margolis
Patricia Nealon
Rachel O’Dell
Joneen Padgett
Lindsay Patten
Kathleen Poe-Ross
Paula Snelling
Rachel Stewart
Emily Tallant
Cheryl Thrash

Nancy Adams
Meaghan Curry
Debbie Boland
Rachel Bowman
Michele Diament
Pam Drummond
Catherine Elliot
Beverly Hueter
Janet Johnson
Nicole Khoury
Katie MacKenzie
Paige Mathis
Fran McDowell
Linda Morgan
Brenda Pruitt
Sharon Simons
Alix Tanico
Ginny Thompson
Cheryl Vanture
Sarah Ward
Kiki Wilson
Diane Woodard

Mark Barnes
Dan Cameron
Charles Cottingham
Phil Crumbly
Jeff Daniel
Cliff Edge
Steven Farrow
Joe Few
Hamilton Fong
Steve Johnstone
Leif Gilbert-Hansen
Keith Langston
Jeff LeCraw
Jonathan Marvel
Michael Parker
Brent Runnels
Cliff Russell
Mark Warden
Caleb Waters
Robert Wilkinson

Michael Arens
Philip Barreca
Brian Brown
Trey Clegg
Steven Darst
Leroy Fetters
Andrew Gee
Jon Gunnemann
Nick Jones
Peter MacKenzie
Jason Maynard
Andrew Riechel
John Ruff
Kendric Smith
Jonathan Rick Smith
Ike Van Meter
Tim Solomon
Ben Temko
Aaron Villalobos
Ed Watkins
D. Keith Wyatt


  1. Let me just say the soloists were outstanding! Stupendous! Glorious! Loved loved loved it all! Bravo!

  2. Sorry I had to miss it. I know it was outstanding.