Sunday, November 20, 2016

Robert Shaw: Man of Many Voices

"Since 1988, the year Robert Shaw took the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus on a grand European tour, I have wanted to initiate a documentary about the incredible legacy of a man who touched countless lives through his passion for great music. I was a member of the ASO chorus and our first concert on that tour was in East Berlin, a city long divided by the hated Berlin Wall. The concert featured Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and was a life-changing event for most in attendance, musicians and audience alike. The audience experienced the profound impact of Beethoven’s powerful message - ‘All people will be brothers’ - just more than a year before the Berlin Wall would be torn down by the German people ..."  

Kiki Wilson
Executive Producer, Robert Shaw: Man of Many Voices

If you are in the choral and symphonic arts, the man celebrated in this film is a large part of the reason you love what you do.  

Read about the film here ... go see it, if it happens to be screened near you.  

Sally Kann
ASO Chorus #302

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Goodbye to Virginia Hepner, CEO Woodruff Arts Center

As one chorus member puts it ... The Arts ATL article had precious few discouraging words to say about the woman who tried her best to make the ASO a community band.

She tried ... and she failed.