Monday, September 29, 2014

Dr. Romanstein Says Good-bye ...

The man with two mandates -- close the deficit, and fill the seats -- is gone. I remember talking to the symphony players on the search committee, who had, once upon a time, found him credible.

So how does a man of his moderately distinguished background, who was, by all accounts, eager to work with one of the nation's top orchestras, decide to put away his pride to become WAC's whipping boy?  Why did he elect to go down in history as a featured player in WAC's destructive move against Atlanta's symphony players: two years, two lockouts.  When did he decide that misrepresentation was the best way to negotiate with musicians fighting for their livelihoods, making him largely responsible for the massive generation of ill-will among all parties?

The bonuses paid to Dr. Romanstein are one answer, but I doubt that money can compensate for the deliberate choices he made, in the name of his masters, which permanently stigmatize him as a man who betrayed his orchestra for money.

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  1. I sure hope he's not getting any sort of golden parachute. And I wonder what sort of deal they've given to the retired Coke guy, Terry Neal. Follow the money.....