Friday, September 5, 2014


ATL Symphony Musicians and ATL Symphony Musicians Foundation would like to thank the audience for coming out to share this concert experience with us.  Your ticket purchase supports the ATLSM Foundation's mission of educational outreach here in Atlanta.   We would also like to gratefully acknowledge these people and groups, whose tireless help and enthusiastic support have made tonight's concert possible:

Richard Prior
Peter Marshall
Oglethorpe University
Dr. Irwin Ray
Brent Runnels
Jonathan Rollins
The Atlanta Mozart Choir (Members of the ASO Chorus)
Kathy Kelly-George
Trey Clegg
Aaron Villalobos
Paige Mathis
Kendric Smith
Keith Langston
Cyn DeBold
John Gunnemann
John Ruff
Wave Guide Studios
Marshall Peterson
Steven Reed
Clark Hill
Andrew Gee
Kiki Wilson
Brianne Turgeon
Wanda Yang Temko
Kathy Shaw Amos
Dave Assemany
Meghan McClosky 
Arietha Lockhart
Kate Murray
Rick Clement
Jay Champion
John Cooledge
Michele Diament
Janet Hubler
Jim Jarrell
Janet Johnson
Jim Kann
First Presbyterian Church Atlanta
Katherine Hamer
Meg Granum
Joe Few
St. Mark’s United Methodist Church
Phil Crumbly
Peachtree Presbyterian
Mary Hoffman
The Cathedral of St. Philip
Tim Gunter
Brenda Pruitt
Ken Meltzer
Evans Mirageas
Clarkston High School ‘Cook It Angora’s’
Chef Jeffe McNair

Lanelle Nash

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