Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Sign up, and sign in.   You can view the site as a guest, and post as 'Unknown' ... but in order for your user name to show in your posts, please take the time to fill out a profile.  This may involve opening a gmail account with a user name, but you may keep your primary email account as a contact email.    

Be an Author.  The purpose of this site is for all of us to have a say in our collective destiny.  You are welcome to read and respond to any post but we strongly encourage every ASOC member to become an Author.  If you choose to post anonymously, you're welcome to do that.  A moderator can post your blog for you. We've had incredible email responses from singers and friends ... comments which we would love to see posted here.  Contact and you will be granted authorship privileges like, immediately!  So focus your thoughts, write them down and post them.  Let's do what we do best:  let's be heard.

Help us connect with your fellow singers and friends.  All current ASOC members regularly receive email and Facebook updates.  If you know of someone who may not be on the member list -- but should be (retired, moved away) -- please email contact information to so we can send an invitation. Our readership is open to the world at large ... and we are on the Blogger directory and are visible to search engines.  

Give us your input.  We're resolving site issues every day because you let us know when we have a problem.  What are you expecting vs what is already here?  Not everyone is on Facebook, so you may see some redundancies here.  Please add your comments and suggestions to the Feedback page.   

Post upcoming events of interest.  We appreciate concert reviews.  Our community hosts photos and videos.  YouTube links, social media links, blog sites, newsfeeds or links to your own website are encouraged.  With your contributions, we can build on the ASOC Singers and Friends Site to create a living archive of our shared choral experience.  For example, at some point, Kiki Wilson will be giving the chorus an exclusive insight into the Robert Shaw documentary project.  Feel free to copy links to articles and share them with your family and friends. We only ask that you not upload copyrighted material or external commercial links (ads) to this site without checking with a Moderator.
This site is moderated.  Keith Langston, Cyn Goeltz-DeBold, Kiki Wilson, and Sally Kann administer the site and are here to serve the community.  Please email to upgrade your status from Reader to Author ... to give us contact information for someone you believe would be interested in our site ... or if you have any questions or concerns about anything you see here. 

Stay in touch.  We're here every day ...


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