Tuesday, November 27, 2012

WAC Employee Embezzled $1.4 Million

Thanks, Nicole, Beverly, KKG, Kathleen P-R, and GinnieP for sending 
this unbelievable article to the blog.


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  1. There is just so much to say and even more to ask.... So during all the negotiations and going over the books to see how big the deficit was before sacrificing the musicians and their livelihood no one seemed to notice 1.4 million unaccounted for? Really? Gosh talk about losing public and donor trust. How dreadful! I'm gathering they must have known something and were trying to cover up .... what a mess! This is bad enough but with what they did to the musicians makes you wonder if the 3 + all knew and it was just a supreme coverup which obviously didn't work...
    Wonder also how much more there will be to this story - why am I thinking tip of iceberg? Makes me even more angry how the musicians were treated! I can't imagine trying to work.