Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Are You Getting Your 6 Cents Worth?

For those with a larger interest in how arts funding occurs (or doesn't occur) in Atlanta and Georgia, and how the situation with the ASO fits into that, Scott Henry at artsATL has an excellent summary:

For those who don't have that interest, I invite you at least to consider this brief extract from his post:

"According to the National Assembly of Arts Agencies, government funding for the arts this year in the Peach State was just $574,268, a mere 6 cents per resident."

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  1. What is wrong with the news and paper to get this information out. I think that is a huge revelation and how Atlanta stacks up with other cities... People can't care if they do not know.... you know that whole squeaky wheel notion.... but all I ever see in the news is about crime and danger and the horrible money issues of recession and unemployment and unfortunately most individuals can't do that much against all that, but we can help our city become a vibrant interesting place to live and work by increasing the arts. That would also help financially. Just a thought